[What is delicious about dumplings?]_ Making method _ Daquan

[What is delicious about dumplings?]_ Making method _ Daquan

Dumplings are a kind of pasta that southerners and northerners like very much, especially eating dumplings on some special traditional festivals, which means reunion.

In the process of eating dumplings, some dipping sauces are needed. These dipping sauces can make the dumplings taste better, so the choice of dipping sauces is also very important.

However, the taste of each region is different, and the dipping sauce for dumplings in each region will be introduced in detail below.

What toppings for dumplings are delicious Ingredients for dumplings: garlic, ginger, parsley (or celery) Seasonings for dumplings: sesame oil (coated peanut oil is fine, but sesame oil is best), rice vinegar (or vinegar), salt, MSG, soy sauce dumpling dipping method: 1, first, prepare a garlic, a little ginger, parsley, sesame oil, rice vinegar salt, MSG, soy sauce.

2. After preparing these materials, first pat the garlic with a knife and peel it. Then, at the end of the chop, when it is about to be finished, chop the ginger slices with garlic, and then chop the coriander together.When the ingredients are mixed and chopped, add MSG, chop, and then add salt. Once the salt is added, the ginger and garlic juice will appear, and then continue to chop. When these ingredients are chopped thoroughly, ginger,The flavor of garlic and parsley will mix together.

3, then put in the bowl, season with sesame oil, season with vinegar, season with soy sauce, stir them together with ginger and garlic thoroughly, the extra seasoning is complete!

If you don’t have enough time, make this simple version of the secret dumpling dipping sauce: 1. First mix the shallot and garlic.

2. Transfer in soy sauce and vinegar.

3. Finally, add red pepper oil and mix well.

I really want to be lazy, it ‘s better to make this home-made dumpling dipping sauce to buy the dipping sauce outside: 1. Add an appropriate amount of vinegar instead of sugar.

2. Stir in chili sauce or oil-stained chili.

Tips: 1. If you like spicy food, you can change the sesame oil to pepper oil, or add a little pepper to the sauce.

2. When making it for the first time, don’t put too much sesame oil, vinegar, soy sauce, add slowly.

With personal taste.

When the seasoning is completed, the material is thick, not thin. If it is thin, then you have too much of sesame oil, vinegar, and soy sauce.

Those who like to eat chili can add it to their own taste after finishing.