[The practice and ingredients of braised goose]_how to do_how to do

[The practice and ingredients of braised goose]_how to do_how to do

Goose meat is a relatively common food. Goose meat is rich in protein, vitamins and trace elements. Eating goose meat regularly can improve cardiovascular function, strengthen the body’s immunity, and nourish qi.help.

There are many ways to goose. In fact, stewed goose is a practice that many people like. Stewed goose is also a traditional local dish with a long history.

The practice of braised goose: Ingredients: 1 lion head goose (6000 grams), 750 grams of soy sauce, 250 grams of fat pork, 100 grams of refined salt, 120 grams of ginger (replace 80 grams with ginger), 50 grams of rock sugarRice wine 90 grams (white wine can be used instead of 50 grams), 10 grams of Sichuan pepper, 10 grams of cinnamon, 5 grams of cloves, 50 grams of steamed buns, 10 grams of anise, 10 grams of licorice, 10 grams of salad oil, 50 grams of garlic, waterAbout 5 kg, 50 grams of lemongrass Production steps: 1.

Remove the internal organs from the open goose, wash and dry them, and wipe the inside and outside of the goose with 100 grams of fine salt, and use bamboo chopsticks to hold them in the abdominal cavity; stir-fry the Sichuan pepper grains and stir-fry with the ginger (Ginger)Star anise, cinnamon, licorice, cloves are wrapped into sanitary gauze and wrapped into balls, put in a brine pot, add soy sauce, color oil, rock sugar, ginger, lemongrass, rice wine (white wine), and fat pork with a knifeCut into pieces and put down, then add water, and boil the brine over medium heat; place garlic, steamed buns, and ginger in the belly of light goose (remove when cooked), then put the goose into the brine pot, and cook for about1 hour and 30 minutes (the marinated goose is gradually lifted from the middle and then lowered, and repeated four times) and pay attention to shifting the goose body several times to convert it into flavor, then lift it and let it stand for use; put the cooked marinated goose on the plateCut into thick slices and drizzle with marinade to make it moist and serve; follow with 2 sauces of garlic vinegar.

What are the benefits of eating goose to improve the cardiovascular system, but most of the adults it contains are unsaturated fatty acids, accounting for up to 66%.

3%, unsaturated fatty acid is an important antioxidant component in human blood, which is very effective in reducing the synthesis of low-density lipoprotein, can promote the decomposition of thrombus, and has a certain preventive effect on hyperlipidemia and cerebral thrombosis.

Enhanced immunity Goose meat contains a large amount of protein, and most of them are high-quality proteins. After decomposition, a large amount of protein can be added to provide sufficient raw materials for the synthesis of immune proteins in the body, which can enhance the humoral immunity of the human body.

Tonic goose is rich in nutrients, contains a lot of vitamins and trace elements, and goose is also good for qi tonic, and quenches thirst, relieves cough and phlegm.

Especially suitable for physical weakness.
Insufficient qi and blood, for people with malnutrition.