[How to eat fresh fish]_ Morphological characteristics _ Making method

[How to eat fresh fish]_ Morphological characteristics _ Making method

It is another year of spring. In this sunny season, should our replacement be updated?

The shredded shredded fish that is introduced today is very simple. It only uses two ingredients, but it makes you eat a tall and home-cooked dish. This dish has always been on the visual and taste.Great performance, not much to say, let us experience it immediately.

Main and auxiliary materials: 120g shredded fisheye, 50g shredded kale seasoning: 15g fresh clams from chicken, 3g chicken juice, 5g shallots, 2g sesame oilUse; 2. Wash the kale after cutting and shredding it for use; 3. Cook the shredded fish in boiling water and put it in ice water for use; 4. Cook the kale in boiling water and put it in iceLet it stand in the water; 5. Drain the fish and shredded mustard; 6. Pour it into a plate and mix with seasonings such as Zhen Chuan Fresh and serve.

Flounder, Jin dish is commonly known as “big fisheye”.

The scientific name is semi-smooth tongue salamander, which belongs to the fish class, and is a phyla.

The fishes often inhabit the nearby shallow seas, which is one of the specialties of the Bohai Bay.

Morphological characteristics Flat body side, tongue-shaped, general body length 25?
40 cm and weight 500?
1500 grams.

The head is short and the eyes are small. Both eyes are at the tip of the head, the mouth is in the lower position, and the kiss is curved downwards and backwards in an arch shape.

Scales, with eye scales, light brown, with 2 lateral lines; without eye scales, round scales, white, without lateral lines.

The posterior nares of the eye are located between the eyes.

Dorsal and anal fins are completely connected to caudal fins; no pectoral fins; caudal fins pointed.

Habitat fish live in the nearby shallow seas and live on plankton.