[Fake bird’s nest is some kind after soaking in water]_Features_Performance

[Fake bird’s nest is some kind after soaking in water]_Features_Performance

Bird’s nest is a supplement with high nutritional value, which has many benefits to the human body. Especially for women, bird’s nest is positioned as the best tonic. Bird’s nest can nourish yin and lungs, nourish qi, and promote blood circulation.The digestive capacity of the stomach and the absorption capacity in the body, while the bird’s nest can also promote the immune function of the human body, and has pharmacological effects such as delaying human aging.

However, there are various fake and real products on the market today. How to distinguish genuine and fake bird’s nest?

What kind of fake bird’s nest after soaking?

1. First of all, see if the bird’s nest is dry and light. Touching the bird’s nest has a dry feeling, which means that the bird’s nest contains no excess water. The bird’s nest of the super bird’s nest is large and thick, (about three or four fingers are generally large).
2. The pure bird’s nest should have a filamentous structure, and the bird’s silk is thin and dense. It is translucent regardless of whether it is soaked or viewed under light.

If the bird’s nest is composed of a piece of structure, it is not a true bird’s nest, and it is not a genuine article that appears completely transparent after soaking.

3. Smell, the bird’s nest has a unique eggy smell.

If the smell is special, the fishy or greasy smell is a fake, and the strong or musty smell is a defective product (have been processed).

4. After the pure bird’s nest is soaked in water, the water is clear.

If the water is turbid, it means that the bird’s nest has been processed (the bird’s nest is added to increase the weight).

Rub it with your fingers, and it is fake with no elasticity.

Look at the degree of swelling of bird’s nest: different types of bird’s nest also have different degrees of swelling (that is, after the bird’s nest is wet, the difference between the weight and the dryness of the bird’s nest is reduced, the multiple is reduced, that is, the degree of Peng swelling is better)The degree of swelling of bird’s nest is 6?
8 times.

5. The bird’s nest has a light protein flavor after cooking, and its color is pale milky yellow, translucent, and smooth and tender.

People with yin deficiency or weak spleen and stomach should not consume it for a long time, which may lead to obstruction of the stomach. Bird’s nest is the same as ginseng. If it is stewed with other herbs, it will cause waste of the herbs.Efficacy, when taking daily, pay attention to a small amount of multiple absorption will be better.