[The practice of winter melon fried noodles]_how to do _ home practice

[The practice of winter melon fried noodles]_how to do _ home practice

Vermicelli is a very common food for many families. Most of them are made from sweet potato or mung bean flour. They are nutritious and taste delicious. They are the favorite of many people.

Noodles can be stewed with a lot of vegetables. Among them, the method of fried noodles with winter melon is simple and convenient, and it is loved by families.

Winter melon should be peeled before frying. Soak the noodles in water before frying. The time for soaking in hot water will be short, so pay attention to the time for soaking.

step 1.

Winter melon peeled, sliced 2.

Sit on the pan, put oil, and sauté the garlic slices 3.

Pour melon slices 4.

Stir-fry evenly 5.

Add an appropriate amount of water 6.

Put noodles and salt 7.

Stew until cooked 8.

Put the vinegar, soy sauce, and stir out the pot tips. The noodles can be soaked in advance, saving time when stewing.

First, winter melon consumption is suitable for people with kidney disease, edema, beriberi, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

Second, winter melon consumption is not suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach, kidney deficiency, and cold limbs.

Third, the eating method of melon melon method: 500 grams of melon + 50 grams of sea melon + vegetable oil + salt + cooking wine + chicken essence + water starch each amount; after washing the melon, peel off the skin and cut into pieces, then salted 5Minutes, drain and set aside; soak the sea rice with warm water; pour the oil in the wok to heat, add the melon slices and fry until tender green, and control the oil; leave the bottom oil in the pot, add cooking wine, chicken essence, and sea riceAfter the boiled, put the winter melon slices, stir fry evenly with a high fire, boil, turn to a low fire and simmer until the winter melon is transparent and taste.

Fourth, winter melon should not eat 1, should: often eat winter melon in spring and summer, it is very beneficial to human health, especially those who are overweight; winter melon contains propionate, which can be effectively inhibited into adults, andHelps prevent the human body from gaining weight; melon contains vitamin C, and high potassium content, reduced sodium content, high blood pressure, kidney disease, edema disease and other patients eat it, it has the effect of swelling without hurting righteousness.

2, avoid: melon cold, spleen and stomach qi deficiency, diarrhea, stool diarrhea, stomach cold pain do not eat winter melon; fever, dry mouth, thirst, unfavorable urine should eat winter melon; women during menstrual cramps and cold dysmenorrhea, winter melonConsumption with red adzuki beans results in a sudden increase in urine output in normal people, which is likely to cause dehydration; winter melon and red mullet are grams, and the same food will reduce the nutritional value.