[Difference between coffee yellow sugar and white sugar]_Features_Features

[Difference between coffee yellow sugar and white sugar]_Features_Features

Since most pure coffee tastes bitter, you need to put some sugar in the coffee to dilute the bitterness of the coffee.

But when putting sugar in coffee, there are often two choices, one is brown sugar and the other is sugar. Many people often do n’t know which one to choose when facing these two sugar choices because they do n’tKnow the difference between these two types of yellow and white sugar.

So what is the specific difference between brown sugar and white sugar in coffee?

Yellow sugar is cane sugar and white sugar is caster sugar.

Drinking coffee sugar packs are mainly divided into two types of crude sugar and fine sugar, the main representatives are yellow sugar (cane sugar) and white sugar (white granulated sugar).

Espresso coffee traditionally has white sugar, even powdered sugar that is finer than sugar.

However, the coffee culture spread to Asia, first arrived in Japan, Taiwan, then Hong Kong and even the mainland of China. The concepts of coffee, sugar and milk have become very common, and it is not said that white sugar or yellow sugar is the traditional authentic.Depending on taste.

The yellow sugar itself has the sweetness of sugar cane. After adding the coffee, the coffee will have the flavors of glucose and caramel; and the white sugar is refined to add pure sweetness to the coffee.

In addition to white granulated sugar and brown sugar, you can also try honey, maple sugar, and brown sugar. What is the difference in coffee taste, and even the supermarket sells a variety of blended coffee sugar.

Generally, coffee lovers prefer to use cane sugar, because the ingredients are more natural and contain less additives, and most people think it is healthier.

Coffee beans contain about 100 different substances, including caffeine, tannins, oils, and nitrogen compounds. 44 grams of caffeine per 100 grams of instant coffee?
100 mg; Caffeine 64 in 100 grams of blended coffee
124 mg.

Coffee is a stimulant and has many effects on the human body.

It diureses, stimulates the central nervous and respiratory systems, enlarges blood vessels, accelerates heartbeat, strengthens the strength of striated muscles, and reduces brain and muscle fatigue.