[Winter melon swelling and water]_Efficacy_Nutrition Value

[Winter melon swelling and water]_Efficacy_Nutrition Value

Winter melon is a relatively common food. This kind of food can be used to make a lot of delicious food. There are many cooking methods, and the nutritional value of this food is extremely rich. Later it became a human body.It is quite good. The most common one is the effect of swelling and water, so the best cooking method is to cook winter melon, so that it can preserve the nutritional ingredients.

Winter melon is sweet, cold, and has antipyretic, diuretic, and swelling effects.

Winter melon is toxic and has good adjuvant treatment for arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis, ascites, coronary heart disease, hypertension, nephritis, swelling and other diseases.

“Dietary spectrum of living with interest”: “If pregnant women eat regularly, zebu poison will make children disease-free.

“Winter melon also has functions such as detoxification.

Glycolic acid contained in melon can effectively inhibit the conversion of sugars into trace amounts. In addition, the melon itself does not contain trace amounts and the conversion is not high. It is of great significance to prevent the body from gaining weight and can help the body to be fit.

The seeds and skins of the melon can also be used as medicine, and the melon meat and coriander have diuretic, heat-clearing, phlegm-reducing, and thirst-relieving effects.

It can also treat edema, asthma, heat, and hemorrhoids.

Winter melon, such as boiling soup with skin, can achieve swelling and diuretic, clearing away heat and relieve heat.

Melon son (also known as white melon seeds, melon kernels, melon seeds, melon petals, melon rhinoceros) melon seeds, clearing the lungs phlegm effect.

Melon vines decoction has a unique effect for rectal prolapse disease.

Winter melon fresh juice is used for face washing and bathing. It can whiten the skin and make the skin shiny. It is a cheap natural cosmetic.

Economic melon is a good storage-resistant vegetable with low planting cost, high yield, rich nutrition, storage and transportation resistance, strong heat resistance, white meat, crispy and juicy, and is a good raw material for processing agricultural products.Winter melon has been more and more widely used in the processing of various new types of food and health care crystals, which is a good way to add value to a large crop and low-priced vegetables.

Therefore, carrying out research on the comprehensive utilization technology of winter melon has certain practical significance for comprehensively increasing the value of winter melon and promoting farmers’ income.