[How to make simple dumpling soup]_ practice _ home practice

[How to make simple dumpling soup]_ practice _ home practice

Many people like dumplings very much. Some people may like to eat steamed dumplings, but some people may like to cook boiled dumplings. If you are eating boiled dumplings, you must learn to make dumpling soup. Only delicious dumpling soup canIncreasing the deliciousness of dumplings can make people like to eat more.

So how to make simple dumpling soup?

People may not know it, and they do n’t know how to make soup. Let ‘s talk about it in detail below.

Dumpling soup is a kind of original dish. The method is super simple. It mainly depends on cooking and catches the heat. The materials used are mainly beef 300g, flour 150g, meat filling 160g, and water 2.

2kg, onion 50g, garlic 20g, appropriate amount of green sprouts, cabbage kimchi 160g, tofu 160g, eggs 120g (, 10g water celery, 9g minced green onion, garlic puree 5.

5g, 14g salt, 6g sesame salt, 13g sesame oil, 9g clear sauce, are some common ingredients, a very nutritious dish, learn it quickly!

Time: 10-30 minutes Ingredients: tomato, potato dumplings, oil, salt and sugar; tomato and potato dumpling soup, step 1.

Cut tomatoes and potatoes into small pieces. 2

Stir-fry the tomatoes and stir-fry the potatoes and fragrant sauce 3.

Add water to the pot and boil. Add the stir-fried tomatoes and potatoes to a boil and add moderate salt and sugar 4.

Add the dumplings 5 after adjusting the taste.

Close the lid 6 after stirring.

After the dumplings are fully floated up, the hot and sour dumpling soup will be finished. Disadvantages: Cut the pier (beginner). Time: 10?
30 minutes a staple cabbage; the right amount of dumplings; the right amount of parsley; hot and sour dumpling soup Step 1.

Heat the cabbage and stir-fry the cabbage, add salt, and add water to make the soup 2.

Add the dumplings 3 when the water is boiling.

Add chili oil, add coriander after the water is boiled, add vinegar after the pan is ready to accept the dumpling soup. Dumpling soup is a gourmet made by putting dumplings in beef soup. It is a food that people love in the Spring Festival in northern areas.

Dumplings are dumplings made from flour and noodles, and filled with meat, tofu, kimchi and other materials.

Because it has the meaning of wrapping ‘blessing’, it is mostly eaten during the Spring Festival.

According to the Korean-style scholar of the era of the British ancestor emperor Lee Cheong (1629-1690), it is believed that dumplings were replaced by China before South Korea.

Ingredients details 300g beef; 150g flour; 160g meat fillings; 2.

2kg water; 50g green onion; 20g garlic; appropriate amount of green bean sprouts; 160g cabbage kimchi; 160g tofu; 120g (egg; 10g water celery; 9g minced green onion;

5g garlic paste; 14g salt; 6g sesame salt; 13g sesame oil; 9g clear sauce; original taste; process cooking; time-consuming; one hour; small amount;Clean and wash.

Pour the beef and water for the broth in the pot, cook on high heat for about 10 minutes, and cook on medium heat for about 30 minutes. Add the onions and garlic and cook for about 20 minutes. Remove the beef., The broth is dried for a while and filtered with cotton cloth.



Put salt and water in the flour, and wrap in a slightly damp cotton cloth for about 30 minutes.

(220 grams).

Spicy cabbage buds take the heart, finely chop and squeeze out the water.

(85 grams).

Wrap tofu with cotton cloth, soak up moisture, and crush with a knife.

(100 g).

Clean the green sprouts.

The egg yolks and egg whites are fried separately, the celery is spread into pie, and cut into rhombuses of about 2 cm.

(Dumpling soup) Make vinegar soy sauce.

Pour water into the pot and simmer for about 5 minutes. Add salt and mung bean sprouts when boiling, simmer (焯) for about 2 minutes and cut into 0.

After 5cm length, squeeze out moisture.

(100 g).
2. Will chopped beef.


Add mung bean sprouts in a large bowl, add seasoning sauce and stir evenly (add dumpling stuffing).


First knead the flour into a dough and roll it with a rolling pin to a thickness of 0.

2cm, diameter 7?
8cm round dumpling skin.

3. Put the dumpling stuffing (23g) in the dumpling skin and fold it in half to form a half-moon shape.


4, 10.

Pour the broth in the pot and cook for about 6 minutes on high heat. When boiling, add the clear sauce and salt to make the soup.

When the miso soup is boiling, add the dumplings and cook for about 4 minutes. After the dumplings come up, cook over medium heat and continue cooking for about 4 minutes. Put in a large bowl and place the celery pancake shreds.

Yellow and white egg crusts, served with vinegar soy sauce and passed the above dumpling soup tutorial, it should not be difficult to make an authentic dumpling soup, mainly cooked makes perfect.

Get it up quickly!